50 Years Badge Competition

We announced at the  Battalion meeting in February a competition to design a badge for the 50th Anniversary of the Worcestershire Battalion in the 2018 to 2019 session. The competition is open to all sections and will be need to be designed on a A4 piece of paper and sent me either by post, by hand or scanned to my addresses at the bottom of the email. Ensure the name of the member and Company is written on the back of the design.

The badge designs will be judged by a external person with no connection to any of our Companies to remain neutral. Please send the designs to me by the end of May. We will award the winning member with a gift from the Battalion at a special presentation at the Battalion parade in October.

I spoke with Robin Bolton, President of the Wolverhampton and Shropshire Battalion about our anniversary badge and he is happy to judge the submitted designs. He offered the following advice regarding the designs,

Try not to make it too complicated
Limit colours to four
The design should be able to be produced in badge form around the size of a two pence piece but does not have to be round.